No matter what you did to me, I made these mistakes that destroyed everything all the goodness and I know you never trust me again no matter what I do How I try How many times I say sorry... I beg for your forgiveness but It's always a "NO". And I should have known there's no such a chance that we can be ever getting back together,,,, I was like telling myself there is a little hope.... God I need to wake up, don't I? I shouldn't be like day dreaming... After all what I've done to you I know I was wrong, totally wrong... What I did is not about love, it was about selfishness...
Have I shown you how much I love you? I never That's why you go away from me.
I have learnt from our relationship a lots I also learn from mistakes. So I'll be better than yesterday
You gave me so much so much love, I had you once in my life, others were jealous with me... But what I did? I push you far away from me everyday little by little and till that day you left me. That's when I realized I love you much more than I thought.. I was lost, totally lost in the street What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do to bring you back? Haiz...... from that day at least you don't hate me, it heals my heart a little bit....
BUT, The pain of losing you lives within my heart................ never gonna be healed!
LuckyLam LuckyLam
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 25, 2014

this just brought tears to my eyes... i have been saying this same thing to my boyfriend (ex now) all day. annoying him beyond his breaking point. but i have learned from my mistakes and i am better then yesterday and i have realized i loved/ do love him so much more. :;(

yeah and we should have known there's no way to get back... We have to move on, at least we had a lesson to be better than yesterday