It's all great and wonderful, roses and lollipops that he won...  But geez!  Get the **** over it!  I am so sick of everytime I turn on my tv I hear:

"See what Michelle Obama wore on her 23rd day as first lady!"

"Hear what Barack says about his daughters."

"What Maleah and Sasha think about their new school."

Just let the people live their damn life!  I know he is the president, but people really need to back up out his kids personal lives, they're too young for that, all that publicity is just making them more of targets to sick minded people who want to "seek revenge" on Obama for getting elected.

My only concern about Obama is what he is doing for my country, not initimate details about what he said about his daughter.  No I'm not gonna oooh and aaahhh and cream my pants about the sweet things he does.  He is the president, I view him in no other way, and I really really hope he works this economy **** out.  I've just made peace with the fact that my vote didn't matter worth a **** in that election.  Now I'm ready to move on to trying to have faith in this man that everyone just adores, but he will NEVER be my Messiah.

And about Michelle Obama's clothes, I don't give a flying ****!  Yeah, I said it...  Get pissy if you want.  But I don't really see how her outfits are any of my concern.  And guess what??  She hates it too!  She does not want her and her children being put on blast like that.  People making beanie babies after those girls is nuts... And ET showing what she wore each and everyday of her life is just plain ridiculous.  Next they're gonna dig through the trash and tell us what brand of maxi pads she wears.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

urbrandofheroin, of course your vote counted.<br />
Unlike the votes of the majority of Americans, and Floridians, in 2000.

Haha well, I just can't stand it! He is president, not Brad freakin Pitt!

I wish I could comment something deep and insightful....but you had me at "cream my pants"....sorry

Me too.<br />
And Michelle has already said that she doesn't like this publicity being so obsessed with her family.<br />
I mean, yeah, a bit of publicity is to be expected with that job...<br />
But people have gone overboard, especially with the children.