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American Woman..........mama Let Me Be......eeeee

This am I was driving home from errands (with new coffee pot!) , and good old American woman was playing. I was taken back to my high school years of playing and singing in a band. (yes, we were cool, lol). I got to hang with the boys.....and their beer....

I was the vocalist, and the Amer, woman gave me a chance to rest vocally....I just took a break and played rhythm guitar. Oh, and the boys just sang to me and teased me....where are those boys now? Lol.

I bet I have not picked up my guitar in.....10 years.....funny how things come and go....

Go, gotta get away...gotta get no no. Bye bye. Iiiiii bye byeiiiiii.
Kathieredart Kathieredart 56-60, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2012

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Hmmm-maybe time to pick up the old gee-tar again and sing LOUD...or soft. Might make some folks happy! Might make you happy! "He who sings prays twice"

Umm........I was never very good. I just put up a good " front." hear the songs I loved only because the "older" kids knew all the words...I was just a baby. Teee heee... if I had any memory of those years I would definately have shared... *big smirk*

Fyi...I know every word to that song...I sang it as I read...I'm really not as cool as I make myself out to be. Haha.....