If you look at me with the eyes of your heart, only then can you truly see me.
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Wow, didn't know my heart had eyes! :O

lol not physically but emotionally

Technically your heart doesn't regulate emotions, but your brain does. :D My brain has eyes. (Literally as well :P)

This is all just figurative talk :p

maybe random but it is true!

I wrote it myself. Figured it could also help others see depth not surface in dealing with others.

yeah but in today's fast paced world, people dont have the time to use their hearts to reach out to people...most of the relationships are on the surface...lacking any depth at all...

To me, I see people, no matter what. I see surface stuff but it's not synonymous with who they are.

agree...so how do you reach beyond the surface?

It's instinctive to me. I am just like that. I see a person, I don't see the surface roadblocks. I just see them. Sometimes it hurts me but most times it doesn't. If I am out and I need help with something and it pertains to my disabilities, and there is a Catholic Nun there and a woman wearing very revealing clothes, I won't let my being a Christian stop me from seeking help from the woman in the revealing clothes. I see two people who I can ask for help from even though my religious society I was raised in has people who would shun and judge the second woman based on her fashion. But she shouldn't lose out on helping me just cause she wants to wear revealing attire. I see her as a person, not as a whatever terms people might use about her.

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