I Feel Like a Simple Story Isn't Enough

When I first stumbled upon EP, I had no clue what it really was. However after a few days, I was addicted to EP. I've never belonged to a site where you can get so close to people through simple experiences. I want to thank EP. Not only for helping me connect with many other people, but for helping me open up more and learn alot about myself


And of course! I have to thank EP for Olemona, Floydian, and fallenstar. If it wasn't for EP, I wouldn't have met these wonderful people. Especially since all you live in completly different countries than me.

To EP!

XxSperanzaXx XxSperanzaXx
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10 Responses Feb 16, 2009

:-) you are a sweetheart

Haha, well... I believe that.... YOU JUST GOT AMAZED.<br />
Hahaha! xD

Haha, wow I wasn't actually expecting a legit reply. Nicely done =P

Because my ancestors... blöh.<br />
Actually, I believe I can blame Hitler and WW2. o_O<br />
Yeah. Well... Uh-huh. That's really the reason why.<br />
Ancestors and Hitler. Gah! :O

=P Ah, why must you live so far!

For once, you actually wrote "Sukkerspinn" correctly! :o<br />
Haha ^^ You must be the pepper in pepperkake, then!<br />
(At least you are as addictive

and you put the "bad" in "badass!" and the "spinn" in "sukkerspinn" (wait is there only one k? hmm)

Haha, probably xD<br />
Still, you put the aw in awesome and am in amazing

ha, more like major details!

To EP!<br />
...And the minor details like "Met these wonderful people" and "Different countries".<br />