I Want To Say Thank You.

It was spring. We had been invited to a dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday. All was well until my "friend" began asking me questions about a job I was trying to get. It was at a local community college and required that I put in a lot of volunteer time. His point of view was I was wasting my time. I explained calmly how the whole system worked and all the rewards I would receive if I just paid some dues. His venom only increased as the meal progress. He insulted me over and over, bashing me for every decision I had made. I grew angry and couldn't wait to leave. He had ruined an expensive dinner and made everyone at our table uncomfortable. As we headed home I raged over how I was treated by what was supposed to be my best friend. I raged over how he had ruined my day and an expensive dinner. I was so angry I could hardly contain myself but I sat down and ceased to rant, wallowing in anger and depression. And you - in your gentle manner, came over and with hardly a word, gave me a hug and said "It's ok daddy." You were only 3 but you knew what I needed - just a little caring.

I sit here typing this story and tears still well up in my eyes thinking about what you did for me that night. Sometimes just the smallest gesture means more than you know. My dearest daughter, I love you more than my own life. In the short time you have been in my life, I feel I owe you more than I can ever repay. I pray that one day I will get to recount this story with you when you are old enough to remember it for the rest of your life but until then I want everyone here to see me say THANK YOU.
Greywulf Greywulf
41-45, M
May 5, 2012