Job Challenges

Hallo madam/sir. Thanks alot for giving me this moment to air my frustrations to you. I am a civil servant in my country and I am a career economist. This is my 6th year in the same office. Government's policy is that an officer is due for transfer to another Ministry upon serving for at least 3 years.
Over the years I have risen to be second to my boss. At the end of contract period( all civil servants are on performance contracts and appraisal is done at year end) my boss/supervisor appraises me extremely well such that I wonder whether it is me. He has exposed me to high level meetings of which I appreciate. He has confidence in me and I think that is why he bombards me with alot of work. I honestly do not worry about work. Ilike it with all my heart.

However, my problem is that in a year I do not get more than 10 days leave and my masters thesis came to a stand still. I have talked about it with senior officers who can facilitate my transfer but all in vain. I feel frustrated. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.
kariukinjiru kariukinjiru
41-45, M
May 23, 2012