You May Not Believe Me, But Thank You

You may think I am mad, angry, full of rage. I was but not anymore. I see what people say about you. You don't have the perfect life everybody thinks you have. Thanks You! Surprised? Why on earth would you say thank you to me, if that's what your asking yourself right now? I am fully aware of what I am saying (Or in this case writing). Thank You. You have taught me a great deal about life. You can't let threats that block your future get in your way. Just brush it off and get back up on your feet. You will come over obstacles in life and some of these obstacles will follow you around forever and haunt you but, you must get over. Forgive and Forget becuase, you can't hold a gruge agianst people becuase, it will be nearly impossible to enjoy life. And I realized what it looks like to feel sorry for yourself and I don't want to be like your. Sure people told me things like "Disability", which did push me down and make me feel sorry for myself. Thruth is that I don't need to feel sorry for myself anymore, I need to feel sorry for you. You have a wonderful family that believes ever word you say even when it's a big fat lie. I had to convince my family to take me to the doctor and they were saying you just want to go so I can get you in trouble. But, I didn't I wanted you to go away. The docotr was right though I would have my good days and my bad days which is when you come to visit me. They said it was "Chronic" which means that you will alway be here with me. Somedays not and other days you will. Agian I would like to thank you for the life lessons that you have taught me throuh this obstacle in my life, it has taught me a great deed of things that I will carry out through my life that can only truly be taught through obstacles and experinces.
NicolePear NicolePear
18-21, F
Jun 29, 2012