My Secret Love

Thank you for holding my hand along this rough old road I've been on.
You never let go of me, I know this.
Even when you wished to, you wished I would stand on my own
You held on!
Yes, I fell in love with my teacher! :')
You have a ... style about you. A secret of your own.
You fed me, I grew strong...
I am better now, you saw to this.
So... what do you do?
You lead me up to the edge and pushed me off!
How dare you!
How did you know I would flap my wings till I learned to fly before I hit the ground!?
I trembled ... I cried.... I didn't want to go.
Huh? *smile*
Wellll.....That's all folks!
Thank you, you will always be a part of me! xo
~See Ya
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
56-60, F
4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Beautiful just beautiful, i know the feelin when you go into the room and sit down and then look up and notice this guy talkin and you just stare at him the hole intire time instead of doing work but i think works more important lol

well thank you. *smile* yes, work is important.. no need to lose focus!

Thank way very interesting, thank you for sharing it.

something that was needed to be said too. thank you.

Very beautiful :') .... Really felt it!

and I really felt it too! thank you!

Perfect! We all need that 'someone' who believes in us to help us find our wings. You have been blessed by one who truly cares about you.

there is a lump in my throat while I reread my own words, spoken from my heart. yup, ... i know, they care, that I was blessed... :')....
now watch me soar.. thanks to my secret love. i won't let him down... nor.. wants his time and energy to be wasted!!! *smile*

The best tribute to his caring efforts is your success!

yes sir, that is a fact! you are an insightful soul! *smile*

Not insightful...I've just seen too many people who prefer to be enabled in their weakness, rather than led to find their own strength. You are the insightful one because you appreciate the one who helped you grow.

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