To The Ogre (Yes,That Is What You Are)

For years of emotional abuse from you, I wan to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for calling me names, for telling me I am so ugly no one will even look at me or love me and if there is one,he will just be after my money, for telling me I am such an idiot, for telling me to go find a guy because you love your girlfriend so much but we must stay in the same house for the kids, for telling me I will amount to nothing and one day I will lose my job, for shouting curses at me in front of everyone, for saying I am so undesirable that you cannot have an erection upon seeing my face and body, for all the accusations you made and for all the pain I am still dealing right now.
If not because of your animosity, I wouldn't be able to go out and look beyond the windows of our home.If not of your irresponsibility, I wouldn't be able to reach my potential professionally.
For the girl whom the ogre loves,thank you for taking him away because I was freed from his harshness at times. Thank you also that during your love quarrel, he would shout profanities at me thus making me hate him so much that I have decided to make the separation final.
Thank you to both of you, my kids realized how pathetic their father is and how hateful you are because you already knew he is a family man on the first time you meet in Facebook.

I am ending this gratitude story by wishing you both happiness in hell.
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
Jan 22, 2013