I have to share this with y'all.

I've been on experience project for almost 2 years or so(been off for a whole) and I can't thank the people that have supported me through thick and thin.
I get daily messages (perverted messages are instantly blocked, I mean we all have gone through that) and I smile when someone tells me I saved their life, I have impacted them on many levels, I helped them get through issues they thought to be impossible to be solved, I made them smile, stop cutting etc ...
I never knew I would accomplish so much from just sharing my experiences and change many peoples lives; feels good to be honest. A lot trust me I can tell, everyone does but as you know there's that specific ignorant person that turns everything around and tries to prove me wrong... But no matter what I always stand back up.

"Life is a school, if you don't make a mistake you'll never learn from it" a quote I've always said in assurance to prove it's not life it's the wrong people we indulge to be part of our lives, we are human beings no experiments to test things on ... We are vulnerable at moment yet fragile but what makes us stronger is cooperating, unfortunately a few among us will do so.

Never change unless you are satisfied with yourself... Thank you so much, I'm so happy for the many that are getting the help they need and choosing the correct path to continue their life too. I appreciate all the support, thank you again!
Lifeisamindfuck Lifeisamindfuck
18-21, F
Aug 25, 2014