Thank You Everybody!!!

I would like to say thank you for all of the kind words , gestures, and comments that I have received.. I have been made to feel truly special...  The words that I write are as true to myself as possible and I have shared so much here..  In turn I have been consoled, laughed with, and befriended...  Thank you all so much.. I just hope that I in turn can and do return the favor...  Kisses & Hugs to all my epeeps..  (Thought I'd update this for my friends that have not seen it)

CaliGirl3 CaliGirl3
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16 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Hey Girly!!!! I'd love play Texas twister with you... Ha would be sooo much fun... Muah!!!! Right back at ya.... :)

You're awseome sweetie! Anytime you want to play Texas twister, you know where to find me. :) Kisses and hugs........Muah!

Awe... Lonesome.... That was so sweet of you... *smiling*<br />
I am blessed to be able to call you a very close friend... Love ya loads and I hope to get to know ya better now and in the future... and yes I can be kinky... Lmao..<br />
((((((big huge squeezy hugs)))))

It is an honor and a previlage to call you friend. You was one of the first people I meet when I came here to EP. I hold that special in my heart for we have had some fun together. I'm so happy to call you a close friend. Thanks for all the comments, gestures, and stories you have shared with me. I only hope that we will remain the best of friends as time goes on. You are a wonderful, kind, and yes sometimes kinky, but I love your spirit, your warm heart, and you're bueaty both on the outside and inside. You are so special to me! *Big Hug and sweet kisses* to you my firend :)

(((Hugs))) What you said was amazing.. I love that u see me that way... Very touching.... xxx :)

((hugs)) flour.. You are sweet as always.... xx

nice to have met you caligirl!!

Haha... You always make me laugh and smile... I love that....Well thank YOU for being my friend and such a wonderful person... Muah!!!

I am so glad I was able to stroke your ego..<br />
My pleasure as always.. Now everyone knows<br />
about you... :)

Nice of you to make a post and recognize!<br />
<br />
I mean, I'm fully aware of how awesome I am; but some of them might appreciate the reminder ;p

Thank you TP.... xxxx You have been an <br />
awesome friend and have made me laugh alot... :X

Josie and Bass.... Ya know I love ya both.. Very good friends indeed.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I think your heart is a big place :)


Awww *Smiling*<br />
Now that touched my heart... <br />
That is the reason I wrote the story... xxxx

It's my pleasure beautiful lady. x