....THANK You!


1/. THe firefighters fighting the fires while their homes burnt down!

2/.The presence of clergy, just to have a cry and talk!

3/.Emergency Services..Doing their job for the loss of their family , friends and homes!

4/.The Australian Public....In this time of need, their monetary donations, and offers of assistance

5/.The Australian Government for being on the ball and offering Welfare Payouts!

6/.to the transport industry, carrying donations of clothing, bedding and toys!

I AM NO-ONE, but to all the Bush fire affected people you have my prayers...To all those working in any capacity, YOU have my thanks!

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6 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Thanks. Warrior MUM!<br />
<br />
I know you feel it!

This is so heart breaking. I did some searching on line and the photo's I saw made me cry. Altho I'm so far away, I want to say Thank You also for all the love, sweat and tears everyone has given with their own free will.

I am in Adelaide but still can't get Ash Wednesday 1983 out of my mind!

My thanks added.<br />
I am close to the city but choking on smoke coming down.<br />
<br />
Gods Be Merciful.

Perfect!....and Thank you!

I guess you cannot thank every single person who contributed with help however you could go and light a candle in a church and say a prayer for them that would be kind of special, well for me it would be anyway but even if you were not religious the action would be spiritual and I think encompass how your feeling for these people if that makes sense at all!