I am not sure what way i am going with this , every turn something ugly. I just wnt to say thanks to those of you who let me vent , cry and be angry . I am not out of the woods , but i am trying! We can't bury him yet it is being investigated , we are going through the motions on everything else . I have to pull it together for my granddaughter she is 2 today and you all have helped . THANK YOU!
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I think the whole family is on agreement with one thing , we just want all the loss to stop. We need to breathe and it is so hard to do when it keeps coming.You can be strong and stubborn which is a family trait , the bottom line bend something too much and it breaks. :(

You will RHR. In time you will find peace. The only way not to, would be to give up and not try. That isn't you.

Thank you . I hope we can.

I don't know you well Red, but you sound like a wonderful person, and i hope the best for you. God Bless you and your family, and that you find peace with some answers.


Always happy to, RHR.