Three Strikes Out

Dear Fairy,

People stood me up pissed me off!!
Really, three strikes out.. don't ask me why I QUIT!

It gets me so frustrated, it makes me cry. It's like I try to hard to divert my attention and be happy and then people just ruthlessly step all over you. And they never care. Then why should I care?!

I would rather spend my time wisely on my own than having my happy moments to be sabotaged.

It's like I have been waiting and waiting and then last minute they stood you up!

I am sad.

Even Brokeback mountain movie with nice scenery, but it also makes me wonder, is lust the only thing in life? No courage, no gut, but just lust and then sad ending?

Never been loved, don't be silly...

I just wanted to go back to the womb and then slowly disappear from there.
ludai ludai
Nov 26, 2012