Dear Fairy,

Can you really exist and please replace me with something else and all I want is to disappear and never existed......hurt no one and if someone really cares then let's there be no memory of me ever happen. I don't want to keep going on crying like this, or to force myself to be rid of emotions and kindness and hopes.

I don't know what life really is. To live with passion or to be without emotions.

Lloro y lloro, porque? it's raining outside now and I cry even more.

Why do i have to exist and I am tired of trying and fighting and smiling.

I don't know when I am faking a smile or when I am really happy anymore.

Do I have a hot core or do i have a sad heart using up the last trace of its coal to

burn until the scare resource runs out and I will be forever cold.

That's me.

ludai ludai
Nov 26, 2012