Mi Voz's Back! :d

Dear Fairy,

I just wanna say after losing my voz for some many days and today i can start to sing a bit again... i miss so much my voice in the bathroom, hahaha.. bath and singing.. hehe.. te extrano and te quiero mi voz!

It's nice to be able to smile. Be a happy fabulous self.

And when i heard about another girl get her heart broken.. it really makes me wonder.. why do we waste time on jerks. Our lives can be far more better.. just be pretty.. let other admire you and you admire your own image in the mirror.. not only superficial.. but knowing you are confident and once again can be kind and happy and wonderful... it's really sucks when being hurt and being so scared and unhappy and angry.. not good.. just want everything to be simple.. clean.. happy.. and sing a song and songs after songs.

May be should pay more attention to what i have. .not to think about what's gone. After all, it was just in my previous life.. think of it that way.. It's something gone and wishing it back and remember it is not so healthy for myself.

It's time to throw out the trash.. have left it stayed and stink for so long!!

Bless me please, dear invisible non-existent fairy..

still it's nice to say things to something that cannot exist!!

Even I am not loco or bipolar! haha. :D

Merry early christmas to me!!
ludai ludai
Dec 8, 2012