Now I Know How A Shameless No-conscience Hypocrite Looks Like

Dear Fairy,

These few days have been a bit crazy.. that image kinda pops up.. nonetheless i do have enough to occupy my time and it's nice to be treated nicely by some too....puedo bailar y cantar, entonces so it really makes life easier that way.

But I just want to say, now I know how a shameless no-conscience hypocrite looks like.

I am not a jerk so I don't know how it works, how can one tried to steal your heart and suddenly dumped you and ignored you and your feelings even getting you to the point of breaking down.. and even add salt to the wound saying "you need some help/(psycho stuff?)".. and now posting on his FB his happy picture with a manlike woman.

Sure that person is kinda ugly and I don't care whether "she" stole him away, or he was just so rotten and that served them both right. He is rotten inside.

The mind is a weird thing, even with all my senses and it's hard to be unaffected. May be I am just too nice. Even the people on the street asking for donation, always go up to me no matter what. e.g. Today I wore shades and should be no eye contact.. still,, i am just like a target. I don't mind donating and i used to go up to them on my own.. but why I just get craps even though I am kind and nice? It feels even more hurtful when you know being treated unfairly. No god. No angel.

Should I be mean? No passion? Unkind?

I really don't understand how this freaking world works.. how can the selfish and rotten people be happy and hurting others.. while being genuine and innocence get hurt and stood up and forgotton and ignored. (I tried to reach out to a person but the email no longer works.. side story).

Only if a real fairy exists then may be there is an answer, or not.


Don't let that shameless face stay on my mind.. GET RIDE OF CRAP! COME ON!
ludai ludai
Dec 15, 2012