Poto Vs Lnd

Dear Fairy,

If one does not have delicate feelings, or believe in LND, what's the point?
I don't want to remember this day or that day. I spent it wisely and must forget.

If emotions no longer exist are we even humans?

I don't like Nessun dorma... selfish characters.

POTO and LND, I prefer POTO because both have hearts. The concept of LND should be more alive.

How come Raoul become such a coward in LND?

Christine hardly smiles, is real love so painful?

Love is not love if it is just pain.

Only if they offer real drug to erase memory, not alcohol or drugs, then it will be such great business. Or lawyers can be hired to declare the laws on heartless selfish people who maliciously use the word "love" to quench their greediness and played with feelings.

No more memories, can't remember the face, just don't let me associate it with any other faces. Con te partiro y nunca, never have to remember. The ending is not always beautiful but it's okay to have everything erased, not okay if any traces left, not okay.

I would rather shed my tears for a play than to waste it on something so terrible and unreliable.

It is just plain wrong to indulge in believing that was love, it wasn't. Only hurt. Only lies. And it's utterly terrible to have to face it with gut to finally admit it has never been love.

Is it better to have real love and die like LND (not the best story) or to have only loved music and play. It won't disappoint you as bad.
Never let go.
ludai ludai
Jan 8, 2013