I'm Glad You're Dead You ******* Narcissistic Piece Of ****

For years, you made me feel like I wanted to be invisible. I still often wish I could just disappear.

When I asked you once why you no longer took pictures of us, you replied, in all sincerity, that we just weren't interesting anymore. When I would ask you to take a friend and me somewhere, you refused because you were too busy. Then you sat there and read a magazine or book.

When we were little, you told us that if aliens came down from outer space and wanted you to return to their planet with them, you would abandon us because it would be too great an opportunity to pass up.

When I was a teenager, you told me there was no money for college (a lie) and that I should learn to type so that I could always get a job as somebody's secretary.

You treated my mother like garbage, and then cheated on her for ten years. When she died, you threw all her stuff out after promising us you wouldn't. In two weeks it looked like she had never existed, even though she'd lived in that house for forty years. You threw out a valuable heirloom that she'd promised me, and then joked that it wasn't lost, it was just hiding. You sold her car, and then told us it went bye-bye. You threw out a letter she'd saved from a famous radio personality that he'd written to her when she was six. She'd saved it for sixty-five ******* years, and you threw it out because it wasn't important to you.

You faked a heart attack when my mother was dying of a brain tumor because no one was paying attention to YOU. You called your ***** from the hospital to tell her that my mother, your wife, had a brain tumor. While I was standing next to you.

Two weeks after my mother died, you asked me with a huge smile on your face if I wanted to meet (insert *****'s name here) now.

You disowned us because we wouldn't cater to your every whim when you would fake illnesses,etc., for attention. The last time I saw you, you had already committed to disowning us, but never told me. You just crowed about how someone had called and thanked you for the monetary donations you'd been making to their organization. You apparently forgot to tell me that you'd decided during that phone call to leave everything to them, and that you'd even said you were no longer speaking to us and wanted nothing to do with us.

If I could bring you back for five minutes, I would punch you in the face and then spit on you.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Your father sounds like a teenager who never grew up. I have noticed how teenagers are unable to see a world beyond there own needs and perspective. Now you have had two men in your life that didn't get you, one who denied your needs as a little girl and another one that denied your needs as a woman. I take that back, you have had two boys in your life.