Daddy Please Stop!!

I want the drinking to stop!! You are never there any more you go straight from work to the bar and come home trashed i hate it! Every day maybe theres one day out of the week youl stay home but thats when mom begs you... You cant even tell us were more important than the alcohol. Do you want to be like your dad? I cant stand when you drive drunk youve already had one dui do you really want another you know how i feel about driving under the influence because of what has happend to ashton, oley, dalton, judith and wes why do you have to keep me scared! im so scared one day your gonna kill yourself or someone else. theres been times where u have driven home but canot get out of the car or even talk because you are so drunk. I cant stand it. I dont even talk to you anymore you dont care how we feel. Do you realize your breaking moms heart? She sits home crying all the time while ur off partying with your friends. I want you to change. I dont want to deal with this anymore. Im at the point of begging because just talking doesnt do any justice....
mandylyn9 mandylyn9
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2012