Where Are You?where Were You?i Need You!!!!

The story you never knew about me. You say your the worlds greatest dad. how do you figure? Im 16 and it took 11 years for me to tell mom what happen to me. It started when i was 5. Shortly after you walked out on us. Mom fell hard into drugs again and left with her new boyfriend and moved to WV. My brothers where living at grandpas and i was left in your care. But yet you couldnt care for me because you didnt know how and where soon to be homeless. You left me on a family friends porch in the middle of the night in the rain because they were alseep and didnt answer the door. You must have thought it was the right thing. thank god "bobbie" came home from work early when she did cause you were about to drive away. She took care of me for 2 years till grandma came home from texas to raise me. Those 2 years where hell. Every night when bobbie left for work her husband would climb on top of me and have his way with me. He did things to me that you could even think of and told me if i ever told anyone he would kill me! This happened all the way till i was 14. Then i left to texas where i was safe with grandma. He hasnt touched me since. I told mom this passed dec. Every time he touched me i cryed and blamed you as i tried to cover my eyes from his evil ways. You where suppose to be there to protect me. You could have prevented this! You could of saved me. But you where to scared of hurtin or messing up my life.....instead you let that monster do it but leaving me there with him!......DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH!YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT ME! YOU COULD HAVE SAVED ME! now its a nightmare i have every night. It replays ever time i close my eyes! next time your to scared of your self dont let others suffer!
strongerwithoutyou strongerwithoutyou
18-21, F
Jun 26, 2012