Listen To Me Dad! I Need You To Understand My Feelings :(

I grew up with a strong personality because of you.. dad..

All the fights, pain and tears you cause me:(

I have been trying to make you proud of me, but for some reason I will never be good enough:(

I became the first of all my classmates at school.. still not enough..

Never have done anything bad in my life just not to disappoint you.. still you don't trust me..

You actually suspect every action I have done with good intention thinking that I have had something to hide!

Listening to my phone calls, searching between my stuff, asking others behind my back!! Cant you simply trust the way you raised me!

You used to hit me and my older brother when we were kids just because we didn't want to pray! what do you expect from children never saw their dad praying!!

Is it my fault that I born the first daughter of yours? Do I have to experience the most difficult things and make it easier for my younger sisters!

I am still not confidant about the way I look and I blame you for that :'(
People are saying that I am beautiful while you keep saying that I'm ugly! just because no one asked to merry me! Is that your measurement!

Your words dad!! be careful!! I was only 18 when your were wondering and asking me about the reasons of no body has actually asked for me! Stop comparing me to others!! And stop blaming me for things are not on my hands!!

You actually made me believe your ugly words about me.. thats why I am still not confident... you cant imagine how this is still effecting my life!

Stop saying that everyone around me are lying! Not true that you are the only one who is telling me the truth!

You built many layers on me that it is hard for me to show my feelings towards anyone! Especially YOU!

I love you no matter what.. I love you the most .. however, I cant support your wrong way of view!

You think I just like to be against you just because I want to!.. Not true.. It is not necessarily that you are always right just because you are my dad! or because you are older!

Don't say that I will never feel the way you feel.. just because I haven't had any children yet.. You dont know how hurtful those words to me:(

And so what if I turned 30!! It is not the end of the world! Stop making me feel that I am a very old person than no one would ever like to be with me!

Treat mum nicely Please... You cant show us how powerful you are by treating her badly! Watch what are you saying!

No one can affect me in any way..... Except You..

I love you THE MOST ..<3

fatom fatom
26-30, F
Sep 19, 2012