"ok,old Man.here It Is:

You have a lot of guts if you intend on trying to justify your uselessness with some BS like 'Your mum wouldn't let me see you'.Excuse the **** out of me,but you had plenty of chances which you blew and unless my mum is lying(which I HIGHLY doubt)you visited YOUR mother who lived across the road from me most days of the week and wouldn't even glance in my direction.And then we moved and you turned up at my house,drunk as a lord and demanding to see me.You only cared when you felt like it,so you know what?
**** you,John,you simple-minded *****!If you really cared about me you would have visited me all the time,not when you were in the mood for it!

Oh and by the way,I know about the two other sons you decided to abandon because you can't cut it as a father.I don't wish I hadn't been born,but if you don't want to have kids or can't look after them if you do,then don't ******* bother with them."
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Sep 21, 2012