I Hate You Dad.

Stop being a hypocritical ******* and step up and be a good father.Stop saying hurtful **** towards my mother and I, ''Your mother is a *****! Someday you'll realize this because she's always whoring around with other men''. I know my mother more than you which is sad. The one who is whoring around and cheating in the relationship is YOU. Wasting your dirty money in ***** bars and wasting your left over money for other females. Owning two ******* phones for your family and your *******. The only good thing you're good at being as a ''Father'' is giving me money when I'm in need- that's all. Where's the love? Where's the ******* trust? WHERE? If i don't agree with you on my mother being a ***** and such then you'll call me a *****. I'm a 15 year old teen being called a ***** from her father..Ain't that great folks (;? Instead talking all big about me going to college then ******* do something. Help my mother and I with money for my future college. But no, You just shove your words in beer, women, meaningless crap. You state that you're a good father but really where does it show it? Sure, you'll buy me some stuff once in a while and I'm grateful for that. But that's rare! My mother does all the important stuff for me- Buys me my clothes, school fines, etc, etc. I hate when you think you can do anything without permission from my mom. When she goes out for shopping, friends, and family member's house you start complaining like a little *****. She asks for your approval when she's about to leave but you never do that to her. The insecure person in this family is you and you don't want to ******* admit it. It's disgusting at times to be related to you. I remember when I was young that you told me that my mother never loved me. Who does that ****? WHO? You said that to me so I can be on your side. You dump so much crap on me once you start opening our mouth. The funny thing is this week i almost forgave you and started to control my anger issues. But last night you just made me realize that it won't ever happen..EVER. At times I try to tell myself to love you because your family no matter what in the end. LOL!! I don't give a single **** anymore. I sometimes wish you did die even though I would cry. I'm just tired of all this crap..I really am.
Uponer Uponer
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012