I never met you. But mom always said you were a good guy. I know you wanted to stay and raise me. But I guess it just wasn't supposed to happen. You died before you could hold me. Maybe if you weren't in that accident you could have protected me. Stopped me from making all my mistakes. And maybe you could have met your grandchild. Yeah. I know you would love him. I show him pictures of you all the time. He looks just like you. At least that's what mom says. She misses you too. I named Jackson after you. He's such a good kid. I'm gonna try really hard to be a good mom. Cause I want to make you proud. Mom is back on drugs. You leaving has been really hard on her. But she's trying were trying. Jackson is almost a year now. He's such a pretty boy. He'll never get to meet his grandpa. I wish I could have met you. See your face. Hear your voice. Oh dad your missing everything. I love you. I wish you could come home.
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I'm so sorry that your dad passed before you was born!! And I'm so sorry that your mom is in so much pain that she is doing things she shouldn't!! But now you are the parents for your son!! Now you have to teach him how to be a man!! I pray that you find a man that can help you teach your son