To My Ever Dearest Soul Mate

 If you are still out there, I am looking for you. I shall never give up the hope and dream that one day we will meet. 

If we have already met or passed by each other, and I failed to recognize you for whatever reason, then I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps I was selfish and blinded to your presence. Perhaps I was in pain and withdrawn and let you slip by. I hope this was not the case. 

If I have already lost you, then I wish in all sincerity and love, that you were able to find someone to love and care for you unconditionally and always. I hope they made you laugh and smile often. I hope they devoted their lives to you and your happiness. 

I wonder if life hurt you and thus you didn't recognize me. If this be so, then I know who you are. And if that be true, it brings tears to my eyes even after all these years. I have never stopped loving you. I loved you then unconditionally and I love you unconditionally now. If you are the one, then I can accept the brief time we had together as the priceless gift it was to me. 

Even now with life's hurts, it is you who I turn to before I close my eyes to sleep. I remember the love and happiness I felt for you. I remember the happy times we had as if it were yesterday. 

I thank you for the unmatched joy that you gave me. I thank you for the brief encounter we had via email a few years back and I'm happy that you are doing well. 

So where ever my soul mate is, rest assured I am looking. Perhaps you're near, perhaps you're far. 

Since I've taken so long, should you find love and this love will make you happy and complete, please pursue it. It's your happiness now that is most important to me. But should you decide to keep looking for me, then I hope we can soon find each other. 

In just a few more years, I can begin my quest around the world and I will look for you in every face that I see and in every person that I meet. I will not stop looking for you until my heart no longer beats and even then the journey will continue. 

So until we meet, I send my heartfelt love and devotion. My Guardian Angel greets your guardian angel and you. I send out my hugs and kisses and everlasting love to you. See you soon! Eternally Yours, Mel 

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4 Responses Dec 28, 2009

This is so beautiful! Sitting here crying like a baby. I truely hope you do find her!

I hope you are now on your way around the world because who knows our path may cross anytime soon...

Thanks Reenee. I haven't looked at this since it was written and I am touched once again by this. <br />
<br />
Live with Passion! Best Wishes! Mel

I wish I had written this. I wish I met my soulmate and if I did now he is gone. I too am glad I did have the little time spent with him. I quote his sayings he is with me in spirit always. Thank you for this you are very talented.