You Cant Change Me

A lot of people seem to think that they can change me. But they cant. I am a person who is not afraid to say what is on her mind not matter what the consiquences might be! Alot of people including my mom dont like that. We are moving very soon in like 3 days so she decided she was going to try and change me be for I started my new school... but it did not work. She kept putting me down with names. But I did not listin I yelled right back. She thought she could change me by getting rid of my tutu my skinny jeans and mu leather jacket. But u cant get rid of my personality by taking away material things. I am very hard to break even she should know that. But she continues trying. And there is nothing I can do about that she is just chasing a dream she will never catch.
beliver29 beliver29
Nov 27, 2012