In the Relationship of Love...

The relationship of love between a man and woman does not have to be, about the evolutionist's way of thinking,  in that it does not have to grow or develop into supposed more modern better ways of being or thinking!!!

Love within the relationship for INTIMACY is not whatever rocks your boat!!!

Nor, does the relationship of love with it's principles, travel in a linear form of progression for the better, improving, through time!!! NO FREAKING WAY!!!

Just like you have some basic nutrients that are needed for you to stay alive THAT don't change, for you to exist and be alive. Well, in the same way love does not change in the nutrients it needs to thrive and be so alive!!!  This live nutrients well, so called nutrients for this analogy are ....

The feminine and the masculine of man!!! if your a man be the masculine of love, if your a woman be the feminine love and it's natural emotions live them to it highest passions.... for the free expression of your spirit, your emotions are not just physiological firings by your nervous system and the brain etc.

Your emotions are the result of your spirit expressing itself through your nervous system!!! Don't let some of the science lead you to believe something else, in the past, plenty of times there where theories, or scientific facts they believe to be right about, but found out later they wrong.  You are, you inner most and not just a physical body an your body is also is an expression of you inner most more than you can believe!!!

Well, there is more!!!
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mancaringlove mancaringlove
26-30, M
Jul 15, 2007