"Now She Is Ready."

I happened to pick up a book yesterday, called The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish.  My sister picked it up from the library on a whim and I pilfered it from her to have something to read at work.

It's a marvelous book about a 58 year old woman who has just retired, wants to reconnect with her estranged daughter who is the CEO of a popular sex toys store in NYC, and ends up, not only doing that, but also reconnecting with her own dreams.

There's a beautiful passage halfway through the book when Connie (the 58-year old) is camping at a women's festival in Michigan with two of her daughter's co-workers.  It inspired me to create this group and to really start thinking about being a 'yes' person.

"So many people never live in the present and keep reaching back," Connie tells Meredith and Sara.  "There's lots of stuff back there to pull out, but I think some of us, some of us who are lucky, we learn not to apologize all of the time.  I've made tons of mistakes and many of them with Jessica.  It's silly, really, to think that you would make the same choices now that you made back then.  Look back right now, both of you, and think about some dumb-*** thing you did."

Both women laugh.

"It could have been something you did yesterday or a month ago but the bottom line is that you are not the same person this second as you were even a day ago," Connie, the head Diva Sister, assures them, trying to reassure herself as well.  "I sure as hell would never have said yes to this adventure ten years ago, or even a month ago, but sitting here right now, I can't imagine saying no to anything."

"Anything?" Meredith asks with a dirty laugh, as if she is about to propose something way, way off the beaten path.

"Yes," Connie shouts boldly into the chilly, star-filled Michigan night air.  "Yes, yes, and yes again."

Connie's voice carries likes a wild seed in a March wind and women camping along the edge of the lake hear her yes-ing into the wind and they spontaneously join in chanting from one campfire to the next - "yes" and then "yes" - until there is a chorus of yesness reverberating throughout acres of land, out into the fields, back through every single camping loop and towards the gate by the dirt road where sleepy guards are holding steamy cups of hot coffee to stay awake until morning. "Yes!"

And each woman who chants "yes" thinks of something or someone to say yes to:

A lost lover.

One missed chance.

Tomorrow's question.

A lusty rendez-vous.

Postponed dreams.

Third and fourth chances.

That one time something or someone wonderful may come back around again because she is ready.  Now she is ready.

Change... please, now, change.

And just yes, just yes, to this one moment, a chorus of women, ready, wanting, eager, to be, to try, to never settle, to be together, to navigate for these few precious days into a place of glorious companionship, learning, yearning - into a tide that will tug them into a sea of yes with or without a well-worn list of dreams.

An endless, bountiful sea of yes.

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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

Nice, sad thing is that people who write passages like that are often saying 'no' to real experinces in exchange for recording thought provoking novels like that.

What a great message. "Forget regrets, for life is yours to miss"