That's Just It

For a long time now,i wanted to scream.From years ago till now.My mind is going crazy,when i sat in my classroom a couple days ago,i wanted to scream because i was sitting in there,too long and needed to move.And when we had a test last week in math,i was stuck on this one question and had to go to the teacher multiple times to see if i got it.I tell ya,i was ready to bash my face into the table.It was driving me crazy.All the pain i have been through,i wanted to scream.Sooner or later i will scream.People will wonder but i don't care.I just want to scream my heart out until i can't scream anymore.I feel like a wild animal stuck in a cage.I don't want to live were i live anymore,i don't want to go to school anymore,and i want to be with my boyfriend with the rest of my life.
WolvesVain122 WolvesVain122
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I was gonna to that to my face,but i had gotten the strength to hold it back,plus i think the hoe that my mom accidentally almost hit me in the face with would of been a lot worse,i made a story on it,and i can't wait to see you

baby i know its hard i have felt that way when i was in school <br />
dont worry though it will all pass sooner or later <br />
and i will be here waiting for you