I am missing my girl I talk to her i try to pretend she is still living in Townsville I try to put what happend to the side and not think about it she died in car accident in 2012 April 17 my first born had two girls Tina and Venita ,Have lost my sisster brother and my dad . But Tina it's been different so hard and can't just not think about her yet crying all the time when alone how do others be so strong .I have all ways been a strong person be for this .was brought up with an abusive mother so have been strong always , lived in girls home in Melbourne am in my 50s now , been married for 34 years and all is good there just miss my baby
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That is very sad. I don't think I would cope with losing one of mine like that. It's hard bring the strong one all the time. Maybe allow yourself to be in the moment and grieve.

Thank you

Hi do you think there really is a God and what do you think it's like when you die do you think it's like your sleeping

I believe we cross over to something better. Not sleeping no. Ever since I was little I read books on the afterlife and I truly believe I will see my mum and family when I die.

Hope so and thank you

No worries. Our loved ones look in on us regularly I feel.

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