Never Imagined

I went to my first real college party today.  It was a friend's 21st birthday, and the first party I've ever been to with alcohol.  My crush was there, and like me he had never drunk.  I was going to stay sober, but as I don't have a car, he told me he'd drive me back to campus.  It was my job to keep him accountable, he said, but warned me he had promised a friend he'd try one or two drinks.  Neither of us knew he was such a lightweight, and just a half hour in, it was clear he would be staying the night.  He unintentionally got really drunk... at first, the vulnerability was actually somewhat endearing.  Until he started making out with his best friend.  When I left they were in the bedroom together.  I want to scream and cry - not only because I don't want him to do that, but because I know tomorrow morning, this is going to change everything he feels about himself.

secret14 secret14
Feb 27, 2010