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I Want To **** My Father!

I want to **** my father so badly he turns me on more than my boyfriend! When I was small he used to touch me and I didn't Ike it but now looking back at it I wish he was still doing that to me because my puss need him SOOO bad!! He gets me so horny without even doing nothing I can't wait to get his ****. I know he wants to **** too but he's scared to make a move.. So can you please help me and tell me how can I really seduce him and make him want to **** me!!!
Trini123 Trini123 18-21, F 4 Responses Jul 9, 2012

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why is he afraid I would think if you tell him how much your desire him and that it is ok for him to touch your ***** and how much you want him to **** you, he will do it and love it.

Just tell him how you feel while sitting on his lap softly grinding your little wet ***** and *** on his **** at the same time giving him little wet kisses on his neck and ear if that doesn't do it then let him catch you rubbing your ***** while calling his name and saying yes daddy i want you, **** me daddy good luck sweetie and please let us know how it goes KISSESā™„

this is from my POV but if I were him having you walk up to me in the kitchen naked, kiss me on the lips and then walk to the table and bend over, NO man can resist that, make sure you press your breasts into him as you kiss him

Join him in the shower when no one is at home but you. Stroke his **** with your soapy hands and he will be putty in your hands.