Brought Up In A World Of Faires

As a child I was brought up by only my mum, she made my childhood pretty magical, she refused to smack me if I was ever naughty thus making a fairy for most events.

I had the naughty fairy who would come and tell me off or a fairy for not eating all my lunch and various other, when it came to the tooth fairy, she sprinkled glitter on my pillow and windowsill, and making tiny footsteps on the windowsill with ink and Barbie shoes. This pretty much fed my fascination for fairies and I acquired tonnes of books and figurines of them.

As a dedication to these fond memories I had my very own fairy tattooed on my back as a constant reminder and for my mum who brought me up mainly on her own.

However, If fairies were real, it would be amazing to see one and perhaps a bit of a shock!
LauraNorder LauraNorder
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

What a wonderful story. Your mum sounds like a lovely lady.

That was the most enchanting childhood memory I have heard in a while. I think if you saw a fairy it would only be shocking for a brief moment. Lets just hope that if you ever did get to see a fairy it would be a nice and loving fairy. <br />
Never let this spirit die.