A Posible Fairy Within

i want to see a fairy so badly it would be a dream come true. i have been believing in fairies ever since i was a little girl. now i will be 18 and still believe in them. i am curently writing a book on them and sometimes i feel like im growing wings as im writing my books. i hope one day my dreams will come true to make my stories come to life. if anyone is interested i will be happy to share my books with you. good luck to everyone on chances on seeing a fairy.
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P. S I'd love to read your books

That's awesome. You are growing wings I've done that too, I am blessed to see fairys regularly, best way is to go out in. Nature and ask them for a divine mission like picking up a couple of bits of rubbish when u walk somewhere. They come when they want to the more u yearn for it the less they'll come. I find relaxing under a sky of stars is best way for me to see them, they won't come close till they trust you , when u first see one it looks like a really fast shooting star only instead of it falling down from Sky it goes horizontal relax ask them to come and then let you mind wonder with your thoughts they'll come when u least expect it. The also love misty rain x good luck love those wings of yours spread them out on sunshine and cleanse yourself regularly

Hahaha I've never been interested in seeing fairies, but I know a couple people who talk to them very often. This link has some information about this http://gardenofthequeen.tumblr.com/post/62662062865/faerie-101-communication

(and if you want to know more, click on the FAQ link)