I Want To Experience A Ghost

All my life people have told me their ghost stories. I have never experienced one personally that I know of. But, I would like to change that. The paranormal has always interested me. I was even asked to go on a ghost hunt one time but it was with a total stranger and I wasn't comfortable doing that.
So, My aunt's best friend has this coat. He bought it at a thrift store. And, from what I'm told, every winter when he gets the coat out strange things start happening around his home. Supposedly, he let a friend borrow it and by the middle of the night his friend was so freaked out that he took the coat and locked it in the trunk of his car.
Well, here's my chance. As soon as my husband gets back from his deployment I want to do it. I will update when it happens! I'm so excited!!!!
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2 Responses May 22, 2012


Cool! has it happened yet?...i love stuff like that too...there's a restaurant down the street from me, that apparently very 'ghost' like stuff happens in the ladies washroom..i want to go to this restaurant just so i can hang out in the bathroom LOL