It Stops With You.

I'm not going to say 'I'm a Victim of abuse' because im not a ******* victim. Yes I was abused, in more ways than I care to share, but no i'm not a victim. I'm not a victim because i REFUSE to be the victim.

My abuse happened to me, but it doesnt define me and I wont give it that power.

I lived through it, I grew stronger, and I turned out ok.

The abuse stops with me.

I'm actually thankful that I had a ****** mother, and a tragically abusive past...why? Because it showed me THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE OR YOUR CHILDREN.

So thank you mom. Though I may not love you, and i may not speak to you, and I have no respect for you, and i frankly don't care a thing about you I owe you a thank you. You were able to teach me exactly what to do to be a good mother....Be the EXACT opposite of you.
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2 Responses May 20, 2011

I admire your strength...I am an only child so I had to cope with everything on my own. And I have realized now that wishing does not make things go away...though it does help me cope with reality..."hugs" glad to see someone like you...

I feel the same way...I hate to be like my mother but I cannot blame her.I have a mother who is mentally ill...she was like that from the time I can remember...I remember she used to hit me and pull my hair at times she had some fit...Those times she had left my father and was living just me and her...those were the worst times...I was a kid at that time...6 or 7 years but i remember quite well...I know some days we did not have food to eat because she did not feel well as her "imaginary" things were not allowing her to cook...Eventually my father came back to owr lives and he took care of both of us...I used to blame him when I was small that he allowed me to be with my mum that time and he did not come sooner...but now I no longer do that as well..he has his own life..he could have married some other woman..but he came back to take care of his wife and kid...It was at that time I had to cope with bulling in school as well..with no support whatsoever with friends or anything...I hope I never became that ill...and I hope that if I do I would not have a child...because I dont want that child to go through what I had gone through...

I wish my mother had an excuse for the abuse, and my father had seen what happened, and that my sister didn't play "victim" and take what happened to me and say it happened to her, but i learned a long time ago wishing never does any good. What I can do is make sure that MY family doesn't endure any of that. Women like us i think are wired differently, we're stronger, more independent, and stubborn. We've made ourselves immune. We've made ourselves survivors.