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Where Is The Respect?

It is getting so annoying when everyone tells me what I need to do and change in order to live peacefully in the world, I also was given. What are people's problems, acting as if I want or should just "deal with" the disrespect of half nude, rude, inconsiderate people. I have heard some excuses in my life but come on, how are they any less capable than me? I don't believe I am better than anyone. Are they better than me? People sure don't seem to hold back on asking me to change or accept them for "who they are"....AS IF I HADN'T or DON'T. Did they question themselves before they made choices which may affect me or others? I give them more credit than those who think they don't know any better or can't do better.

People love to use the perfection "card" (without thought) when anyone mentions anything. Is it really about perfection or is that a way to keep from looking at themselves? They can come and "tell" me that I need to change and accept them but God forbid I ask them to merely stop asking me to change! NO, God forbid THEM! Do they change for me or accept me? Heck I didn't even ask them to change, just accept me for who I am TOO. You say or think you have a right to be yourself, yet I don't?!? 

Many of the younger generation love to swear and curse. Personally, I don't like it. Yes, I have but it still changes nothing about the matter of this. When I am with those who do not curse or swear, do you think I miss it? Or wait for the moment so I can curse or swear? I haven't thus far and that I know. I would prefer to be around those who don't, yet it is becoming a difficult task around those who think of cursing and swearing, as being a sign of independence. What does it say about a person? I have no clue or idea about what it says. It doesn't say anything about me. Oh wow, I can say ***** and I can also think of many more, much more original words than the few, unoriginal curse and swear words out there. I like to expand my vocabulary a little bit. If you don't, that is ok too....just do it over there, please and I sincerely thank you in advance. Get off the high horse please....there are still jerks in the world, who don't care about anyone but themselves....if you swear and I swear, it is not the end of the world. I just would like it if the majority of the time were "family friendly".

I had to search for a way to find peace and block ads that pop up for me while I am online. But mind you, I can praise God because He always returns my peace of mind, I ask and He provides. He raises a standard against the wiles of the devil and leads me beside still waters. I praise Your Name, Jesus!!! For all You have done for me and given me. Amen.
OnewithJC OnewithJC 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 21, 2011

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Preach On Sister, Preach On!

heehehe.....His Truth is marching on....:)

Two Thumbs up here from an EP Support Volunteer And there's no need to worry about the words that come from Schmucks when you have the almighty on your side , Plus here at EP Article 1 of the Community Guidelines states clearly that you have the right to have fun and enjoy EP , To the Community I am Paschar one of inner vision , To my friends I am Stephen ( which means ) He who is crowned of Knowledge , Ergo no other member has the right to tell you how show your own self ex<x>pression save for the new mandates posted by the CEO & founder EPArmen who has strictly forbid adult content avatars of which yours is not , Thank you for this story and your support .

The honor is all mine. It is something wonderful being heard and supported. That's my greatest joy, bringing others joy and supporting them toward their destination to success. Thank you Paschar....I should say, Stephen! Thank you for adding me. No (my avi) it isn't disrespectful to others and actually I posted a story about that. It is frustrating when I like being on here with my daughter. Some of us like keeping certain gifts in life sacred, ya know. Anyways, thank you again, my friend. :D

In My own language , Tov,Toda Tzeteh' Leshalom VeShuveh' Leshalom = Well Thank you , Go in Peace and Return in Peace

This is what I like about both you amd gr8jesus you accept others as they are and are perfectly entitled to the same respect. Great story my friend and lovely to see gr8jesus too =)

Ditto. heehe....great minds think alike. We love others and ourselves enough to let everyone be themselves. You are such a blessing! Yes, gr8jesus is a God-send! Another blessing from above. &lt;3

Your respect rest in my mind and heart my friend I always do respect to you my friend Respect commands itself and it can neither be given nor withheld when it is due......Much Respect & Love to you always my friend...:)

You always know what to say, when I need to hear it. Thank you, thank you, thank you my precious friend! You deserve respect for all the respect and love you give. Blessings always!! :D

Thank you my friend.You seem to be a lovely person who adores your other half..You are blessed....:)

Thank you, miracle from God. I hope Jesus is what shines forth in all I do. Oh yes, I love him very much. He is a blessing and gift from God. There have been hard times but Jesus has brought us through it all. &lt;3