Smart Fighter

i wanna travel the world a soon as schools finished maybe b4 university i wanna meet  people native  people  like from aboriginies to eskimos i met a  few  native american tribe s and learned alot  they  were a peaceful people  and lived a clean life  but i wanna meet more peoples im a person  who might randomly say hello  to a person in the  street to learn something i aint naive i know the dangers  i  just want to get the story the lesson that person will teach me  i wanted to travel the world with someone  she   iwanted to shar everything.. well anyway i want to also travel the world  and learn different fighting styles from masters  of the art  i do not like  tournaments  but it be  great to learn so you can pass on the knowledge form a new  fighting  style  learn about different cultures i wanna be  the best i rather not  fight in the  tournaments ofr go for  glory  cause that is not the  meaning of the art  the real glory would be when i need to defend my self its there  or my family its there  to be able to pass on a combined knowledge  to next generation 

i guess a guy can dream  a dream im planning on makin a reality . if anyone  enjoys reading this  shares  my intrests  please add me to yours circle  for as i said i wanna meet people  so i can have that story that brief encounter with you 

buddhaboy1 buddhaboy1
18-21, M
Apr 2, 2009