All My Holes Filled

I've been Double Penetrated many times but only had all three holes filled a couple of times! I would love to do it more but to be honest... sometimes it's hard to find guys that will "work" (if you can call it that) well together!
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lve only had one air tight experience. it was amazing and so hot. she was such a sexy **** **** ! mmm! l know what you mean. l guy freaked during a DP cuz his **** touched mine!

Would love to be one of the three!

Ah I should mention once a heated discussion broke out between 5 submissives I was training. 2 were adamant that the woman should be breathing up, therefore sliding forward when a man thrusts in.<br />
<br />
So try both.<br />
<br />
Shall we conduct a Poll on poling her? lol

I agree. When you randomly gather people it first can be just a discomfort factor, but there are better rhythms.<br />
<br />
<a href="**********/2478953" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
this talks about building a Circle of Friends and the advantages of making it all encompassing.<br />
<br />
and for tripling:<br />
<br />
Here is the rhythm desc<x>ription:<br />
<br />
I am lying on my back and she straddles me (this is 99 times out of 100 the best position for double and triple penetration), when a second man enters her ***, I feel his **** rubbing against mine and this adds stimulation, because it rubs along the sensitive underside of my **** and his as well. We are separated by two thin la<x>yers of skin, her vaginal wall and her rectal sheath.<br />
If she sets up a rhythm where she slides (no up and down just slides, while the man beneath tightens his *** and pushes more into her) forward, the man behind is pulling out. He does not pull all the way out but leaves the head of his **** just inside her sphincter muscle. As she slides forward and squeezes her *** muscles tightly, this grips the man behind her's **** and trust me on this it is one of the most incredible sensations a man can feel.<br />
She she slides back, the lower man relaxes and his **** comes outward while the man in the *** thrusts into her, rubbing most of the length of the lower man's ****.<br />
When you add a third man, he will thrust into her throat as she arches her back and the *** man thrust in. For the man underneath, because the third man places his knees near the lower man's shoulders on either side of his head, that lower man has one of the greatest views of oral sex there is, seeing his lover's mouth open and her throat swelling as a **** ***** into it is, at least for me and most men I know on of the great visuals, and we men are very visual beings.<br />
When you see your lover crest over the first ****** and then fall just a little before rocketing up, trust me, I feel this sense of both accomplishment and overwhelming love for my partner and the pleasure she is experiencing.

Don't stop your quest to fulfil your desire to have all three holes filed at once. You said that you had experienced having all three holes filled one time. Think about who the participants were that provided you this pleasure. What did each bring to the task before them and seek to find other guys with the same qualities. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in what you seek. I believe you will find it if you will seek other guys with the same qualities. If you were to ask me I would be glad to participate! Good luck to you and let me know what you find as you continue to search! I would love to hear all about it!

Well my dear, if you ever decided to visit The Twin Cities? I would love to be able to partake in some quality Dp and Airtight sessions...yes, I said "sessions"..meaning as many as possible :) ;)<br />
I would love to be the lucky secondary male who performs that anal half of the Dp or Airtight session and help transform you into the Ultimate Human Sandwich and help turn you into a howling, yelling, screaming dp/sex crazed little banshee/mynx in the process :)

My ex wife let me use all three of her holes and we both had a real good time with it. I like a woman who is into more then one man in bed with her. You think finding a man who will play nice with other men in bed is hard, try finding a woman who is into it also. A lot of women have a "fantasy" of this but are not ready to try it for real.

As a long time trainer who loves to double penetrate and triple, you are right.<br />
<br />
Having 4 people move in a harmonious pattern makes the experience much more powerful.<br />
<br />
So gents to those of you invited here is my personal favorite 'recipe' for great tp.<br />
<br />
man one lies on back and woman straddles him facing him.<br />
man 2 is behind.<br />
woman only needs to rock her hips forward and backward (up and down not needed)<br />
as she slides froward, #1 tightens *** to thrust into her as #2 pulls back until only **** head is in ***, woman slides and tightens *** squeezing the guy behind her.<br />
As she relaxes and slides back (breathes in), #1 relaxes *** letting **** slide a bit out. #2 slides in.<br />
#3 puts his knees on either side of #1's head<br />
Most women find as #1 goes in and she breathes out #3 slides in also.#2 sliding out<br />
As woman breathes in and arches her back, sliding back on #1, #2 slides in and #3 slides out of her throat.<br />
<br />
See conductor with baton and one two three one two three. LOL

I will put my **** in an hole of yours..

I hope you achieve the right partners... i would love to see my wife do this just once

So hot! I'd love for my wife to one day join the ever growing number of women who have done this. Looking forward to being a part of her first (and mine) double penetration. Then I'm sure an airtight evening will be just around the corner after that!

You sound like a dream *** true! I hope to run into you someday!

And if you ever *** to Chicago...

Well let me know if you are ever in New Orleans

Well let me know if you are ever in New Orleans

I work well with problem here!