My Wife's Story 2

So…after trying out having sex with another guy and my husband, I was overly excited to try OTHER new things for us. My hubby and I had talked about girls before and I was totally against the entire idea and never had thought about being with another girl in my entire life, but this was different…we have been best friends for the past 8 years. If there was anyone that I would like to have a first time with it would be her and her hubby. They had explained to us at least 6 months before this that they had wanted to experiment with another couple so that made things even easier to approach. We had talked about it on text messages back and forth for a few days with the other couple (we will call them Tony & Anna for sake of privacy). Even though they were saying that they probably wouldn’t try it with us, I could tell there was curiosity there. You must know that before these past 3 months, I was totally against any this stuff; even my husband seeing naked photos of random people online pissed me off. Who knew, right?! So…anyways…back to my story. My hubby and I had been talking randomly with Tony and Anna about experimenting with them for days. I knew that my 3 some was so scary at first and I had to just dive in head first to get over that fear and actually ENJOY it all. We were all hanging out with a group of friends and as it got late everyone had left except for Tony and Anna. We were drinking that night, and at this point, I had already had a few…enough to have the guts to push the issue face to face. I took Anna outside on our porch, away from the guys, to talk to her about what she thinks about it all. I bluntly told her the honest truth, which was that we wanted to screw around with her and her husband. I told her that my hubby and I had been talking about this for weeks. I explained to her everything that I had already tried and how much fun it is! I told her about how I was physically attracted to her, and was curious what it was like to be with another girl and if there was anyone I would want to try that with first it was her. She seemed confused standoffish and embarrassed by all of the talking about it, so I stood up in front of her and took off my tank top to show her my breasts in a push up bra and asked her if she wanted to just try touching me just to see what it feels like. She immediately got shy and turned away from me, so I grabbed her hand and placed it on my breast. I immediately felt a rush of energy flow through my body like electricity. She did not react to this, so I told her to squeeze. She got embarrassed and as soon as I put my hand down, she withdrew her hand from me instantly. She said that honestly she was not into girls and that touching me didn’t do anything for her. I told her that it was fine, I did not want to push anything on her that she was not comfortable with and we would be done. She told me that I should be a speaker because I could talk anyone into anything and that she wanted to know what her hubby thought of all of this. So, I called Tony out onto the porch to talk to him about it with us. Anna explained to him what we had been talking about and asked what he thought of everything. Tony said he was all for it as long as she was ok with it. He said it was worth at least trying it out. We went inside and Anna was still not sure of it all and she laid on the couch and started to fall asleep. Tony, my hubby, and me all exchanged glances and told my hubby to just start on her and see what she does. Tony and I left into the next room so she wouldn’t feel so awkward. My hubby laid up against the back of Anna and started rubbing and feeling up and down her body. She started to freak out and asked where her husband was multiple times. We started to back off, but then Tony and I began to do things and it made her open up a little. She started to enjoy my hubby’s strong touch. Next thing we know, my hubby took Anna into our bedroom and started to play around with her with her clothes on while she fidgeted and tried to get up. Tony and I entered the room amused about how nervous she was being after she had wanted to try this for over a year with someone. We all knew that she wanted to, but had to just DO it. So, I started to play with Tony’s **** through his pants while she watched with my hubby leaning over her with legs open. He immediately got hard and this turned me on. It was going to be game on at this point as far as I was concerned. I took off my clothes down to my black lace thong and bra and I removed Tony’s pants and let him play with my **** while I grabbed and tugged on him in front of his wife. She wanted the lights off, but she could hear and see everything that was going on. She relaxed her tense legs and started to allow my hubby to play with hers and he removed her pants. I wanted to make sure that she was absolutely getting in the mood, so Tony and I began to play with her **** while my hubby massaged her **** through her pants. She was center stage now as our guys watched me lean over her body and put her nipple in my mouth. This was surprisingly fun for me and she seemed to like it as she let out a faint gasp as my lips closed around her nipple. I ran my tongue back and forth over her hard nipple and gently used my teeth to nibble the tip. We had her in the right place. I ran my tongue from her breast, down her stomach, and towards the edge of her underwear. I looked up at her and asked her if it was ok and she immediately said NO! She said she didn’t want anyone to go down on her. So, I began to massage her **** with her underwear on. I started to kiss the inside of her thighs and run my hands up and down her legs as my hot breath hovered over her ****. I wanted to try it so badly and it was right there. I began to lick her through the material of her Gstring up and down, strong but slowly and she began to breathe faster and faster. I then moved her panties to the side and continued to lick her while Tony and my hubby caressed her breasts. Tony was also now massaging my breasts and my hubby was squeezing my *** as they did this and I continued to lick her. I tried to press my tongue down as hard as I could as I ran my tongue up and down and back and forth over her ****. She started to really moan now, and I pushed my finger inside of her as I continued to lick her ****. I pressed my fingers inside her warm ***** and massaged upwards as I pulled my finger in and out. I fluttered my tongue back and forth over the upmost top part of her ***** as I fingered away on her. I then removed my finger and started on top with my tongue again and ran my tongue down the entire length of her *****. Once I got to the bottom, I opened her up with both of my hands pressing on her legs and put my tongue inside of her and began moving it around inside in circles. She was now moaning a lot. I asked my hubby to get my toy out from the dresser, in which he did. I turned it on and inserted it into her and started to pump her with my toy as I continued to use my tongue. After a few minutes of this, I sat up and mounted her in the scissor position (my legs in between her legs so that our *****’s touched) as she was lying on her back. I lifted her leg up across my body over my shoulder and began to rub my ***** against hers as I grabbed her leg. She began mimicking my movements as we rubbed against each other’s wet *******. This was an amazing feeling, that I was riding a girl. I got down from her and now she was really turned on. My hubby started to rub her ***** again but she would not let him lick her. He put her hand on his **** for her to get him hard enough to stick it in her. She started to breathe heavily, so I pushed Tony on his back next to her in our bed. They held hands as I mounted her husband’s hard **** and began to ride him slowly. He was breathing VERY heavily now and I could tell he was just enjoying what I was doing to him. I guided his hand away from his wife’s and up my stomach and onto my breast as I rode him slowly bareback with perfect rhythm. He was really squeezing me now and his other hand was grabbing for my *** as I rode him. My hubby had started to slowly **** Anna, still on her back, at this point. Tony and Anna had their fingers interlocked and held hands tightly as hubby and I rode them at the same time. Hubby and I leaned over and kissed each other passionately as we ****** them. This was my favorite moment of it all because my hubby reassured me that I was the one on his mind, even though he was ******* another girl. Anna started to grab at my thighs and then started squeezing my breast as I rode her husband’s ****. Then, Tony started massaging my **** as I rode him. You could tell that he COULD see everything in the dark because his fingers went immediately to where it felt good. After a few minutes of this, Tony moved his hands to grab my thighs tightly and maneuver me up and down over his ****. Anna now was massaging my **** laying next to him on her back as my hubby was still going at her and I rode her husband. This felt great! My hubby got up and I dismounted Tony and he left the room to have a cigarette, so I hovered my ***** over Anna’s face and told her to lick me as my hubby was still ******* her. She started to lick my **** quickly but just barely touching it as she quickly squeezed on and off of my legs with her hands nervously. I started moaning hoping that she would press her tongue down harder on my **** and really go at me, but she didn’t. Tony came back in the room now and was watching the last bit of her licking me. I could tell that the licking me part was something that she was nervous about so I got up. I sat on all 4’s doggy style on my bed and her husband grabbed me from behind. I told him I like it rough and started railing me from behind grabbing me tightly at my hip bones and pulling me as hard as he could into him over and over. My hubby was watching me this entire time as he kept ******* Anna on her back. The harder that Tony would **** me, the louder my hubby would moan. I started to moan loudly and yelled for Tony to “ughhh….**** me harder!” and my hubby blew! He said later it was so hot to hear me tell another guy to **** me hard and he just lost it. A few minutes later, Tony pulled out and shot his load all the way up my back as he jerked off and moaned, “ughhhh…yeaaaa….”, and I could feel his *** hit all the way up by my shoulder blades. We were all finished and got cleaned up. We went out on the porch and said how great it was, and then they left and we went to bed. The next day, Anna came over bright and early as we had earlier planned on going to my gym in the morning for a great workout, and she told me that her and Tony went home and had the best sex of their lives before they went to bed talking about what he would do to me. J We have been normal friends and have done more experimenting since…
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Sep 5, 2012