My Ex Wife P2

In my story “Ex Wife P1” I began describing how I started taking Pics of my then GF (Missy) and showing them to my friends and how I began working on her to let my friends and I **** her. (I have Pics of her posted on my profile)


While we where ******* I would put my fingers and Toys in her ***** along with my **** and tell her that 1 of my friends was in her too. She loved this and would start ******* harder pushing more of me and my fingers or Toys further into her *****. After We’d *** and calmed down she would say that it was just a fantasy and fun to talk about but she didn’t really want to do it. We did this on a regular basis for over a year. She eventually stopped saying that it was just a fantasy and I assumed I had successfully ‘Planted The Seed’


Through our first 2 years together I had been sharing her Pics and the stories of how I was working on her with about 8 different friends of mine. Some where High School friends and some where college friends all if them loved her Pics and wanted to join me in ******* her.


By the time I thought it was time to set something up some of these friends had moved on, others where still away at school, But there was 1 friend that we used to party with on a regular basis Joe. Even though Missy knew that I showed my friends including Joe Pics of her spreading her ***** wide open and ******* herself with toys, cucumbers and things, she still acted all innocent and cute around him, I kind of thought it was funny because Joe had asked me to take some Pics of Missy ******* a huge candle and she knew he had requested it when she was posing for them. But I guess that was a game she wanted to play with herself.


I talked thing over with Joe and he agreed to help me move Missy to the next steps, “Apply a little Alcohol” and “Provide an opportunity”. The 3 of us went out for Mexican food and Margaritas. We had a great meal and each drank 6 or 7 Margaritas, Since Joe and I each weighed around 200 lbs and Missy weighed around 105 she had a better buzz on than either of us. When it was time to leave the restaurant Joe and I asked her if she wanted to go to some clubs or go back to the house. She said that she wanted to go back to the house. I didn’t know it at that time, but since she knew how much I wanted her to **** Joe and I she decided that she would do it this 1 time.


When we got back to the house I put on some music and got us each another drink. We all sat on the couch with Missy in the middle. We talked and enjoyed the music for a while and I decided it was time to go for it. I turned her face towards me and began kissing her, She responded very well and soon we where making out like crazy. I started to rub her **** through her dress and she started moaning. She was wearing a sundress that buttoned all the way down the front. I started undoing buttons and as soon as I had it opened to her waist I undid the front clasp on her bra and started sucking on her nipples. Joe then turned her head towards him and started kissing her. She just completely melted then. After a few minutes I started kissing my way down her belly and continued to unbutton her dress as soon as I had it completely unbuttoned I slipped a finger inside the leg of her panties and slid my finger into her drenched *****. As I began to take her panties off Joe noticed that her ******* where unattended so he began to suck on her nipples while I was eating her *****. Joe was switching from her ******* to kissing her and had taken his **** out and put her hand on it. After 10 minutes or so of all this, I drug her off the couch and onto her knees and told her to suck on Joe. I hurriedly took off my pants and got in behind her and slid my **** into her sloppy ***** (or at least I thought so at the time). It was so exciting to be sharing Missy with Joe and watching her suck on his **** I don’t think I lasted more than 5 Mins. After I came, Missy straddled Joe and put his **** in here really sloppy *****. I watched for a few minutes and then got up on the couch beside her and had her start sucking my **** back to life. Joe lasted a little longer than me since her ***** was so sloppy but after about 10 minutes he added his load to her *****. When she stood up off of his lap she had *** running down her legs, She went and got a towel and wiped herself off. I then took her and laid her down on the floor and mounted her again. I lasted a lot longer this time. Joe and I spent the rest of the might tag teaming her. We each came 4 times in her ***** that night.


After Joe left, Missy and I went to sleep. The next morning we talked about it and she told me she had made the decision to do it that 1 time for me, but she had not planned on enjoying it as much as she did. She asked me if we could do it some more. I had no problem with it, Joe came by later that afternoon and we each took turns ******* Missy 3 more times each. We took a couple of days off, but in the next 3 weeks Missy took Joe and I on at least 12 different occasions with each of us ******* her at least 3 times. We had to take a break due to her period. One of the advantages to her being on the Pill was her definable cycle. During her period she brought up the subject of how I would stretch her ***** and tell her that there where 2 ***** inside her, She asked when she was going to get it for real.


Next story will be about Missy’s first DP’s *****/*** and Double *****.


I hope you enjoyed this story Please feel free to leave comments or message me with questions.


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LOVED THIS ................

This is the hottest story I have read in a very long time! It could be there are so many similarities in an experience my wife and I shared with a close friend. Everything from showing pics, the innocent way she acted and the fire between her legs after it all got started. Your story even shared the tag team atmosphere that developed during our sexy night. I have been thinking about sharing our story but it might feel kind of like plagiarism. I’m looking forward to your next story and thanks for sharing! :0) dc