Wet Girls

I would love to totally get dressed up as Jessica, strappy heels, pantyhose, thong, bra, and tight stretchy tank dress, meet up with a woman dressed similarly at a cafe and spend the afternoon drinking lots of iced tea, water, and a few coctkails.  Then as we're walking home she has to pee real badly and can't make it home.  Down a side street we go where no one will see.  She leans up against the wall of a building, is pressing her hand onto her crotch to try and hold it in, but no matter how hard she tries, she just can't hold it anymore.  First a little squirt, then I see her nylon clad legs getting wet and a puddle forming under her heels.  Now she is moaning in ecstasy as her ***** is all wet and warm.  It's not long before she is done, and she comes over to me and hugs me.  Now it's me who can't hold it anymore, and I begin to let go.  My panties and pantyhose are filling with warm wet nectar and there is a big wetspot at the back of my skirt.  My **** being tucked is now all soaking wet.  We walk home feeling the breeze under our skirts, both happy to be with each other in wetness.
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Jessica,<br />
<br />
I wouldn't have a problem spending a day with you, shopping, enjoying a sidewalk cafe, spending some time in a park, just enjoying the day. The rest too.

wanna chat email me at tylerkamel456@yahoo.com

That would be amazing to do hon, but for right now Jessica can only chat about it together.<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica

really exciting situation.