Learn To Get Along......

and to compromise or be kicked out on your worthless butts.

What the hell do you all think we are paying you for?

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

cfd I wrote this on the chance that it would be read by a much wider audience at some point maybe the fools on the hill will recognise themselves as in danger of being overthrown at some point.<br />
<br />
OSS once again we are in agreement......we are starting a trend.<br />
It use to be that compromise was possible now all either party wants to do is deny any show of power by the opponents.<br />
I am just so tired of the bickering I want it to stop.<br />
How do they think this is the way to run a country?<br />
I want everyone on their feet....everyone has a stake in this......We have to throw down the gauntlet<br />
No longer will we allow this poor excuse for government, No longer will we accept that this country has come to a standstill because of a few hundred Americans who have lost touch with the common sense of the greater American populace.<br />
We reject that this nation has to bow to secret societies and allow them to use the power and treasure of America to their own revoltingly greedy ends.<br />
<br />
Yes OSS we have our work cut out for us......we have to dismantle a fraud that has been visited on this once great nation.<br />
I for one am making a stand.<br />
Who will stand with me?

Isn't going to happen, I'm afraid. Just seems to me there are quite a few down there in Washington who just can't get past the fact that a black man won the Presidency. No matter what he says or does they will be against him as they want to see him go down as the worst President we ever had. I, personally don't think that will happen. He has to fall a long way to be as bad as Carter and Bush II.