Day 124!!! No Chocolate, No Sugar, No Alcohol, No Coffee, No Red Meat... And Carrying On

I have stopped eating any "bad things" since February 10th... I only eat health food, vegetables, fish, whole wheat, I eat garlic and onion in high quantities.. drink 3 squeezed oranges everyday, take brewer's yeast and cod liver fish oil, my health is now at its best, as tests have shown i have lost the third of my weight since developed muscles and feeling pretty good...!! I hope everybody can do this too!!
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@AlbertSAT Thanks my friend!! And I really like to know how i can improve my diet.. if you have any information that would be great<br />
@alyabs Thanks my friend!! hope everything's okay with you!!

Keep up the good work! Your doing awesome! =)

You're on the right track! Congratulations! There are several things you could do to fine tune your program, but stick with what you're doing for now and gain knowledge as you go.