*** Guzzling

The title of this experience group really got me thinking.  It would be hot (but impractical) to round up hundreds of guys to feed their splooge to my girlfriend.  But, why couldn't I place an ad to have thousands of guys from all over the country save up their *** every time they jacked off, then send it to me ?  They could keep it in the freezer until they were ready to send it to me.  Then, I would keep it in my freezer until I had saved up several liters of it.  Then, I could either strap a latex funnel gag onto my girlfriend's mouth, or use a funnel with a hose that I could feed all the way down her throat.  Then, I could microwave the liters of *** until it was all warm so that it would flow down her throat easily.  Then, I could have my girlfriend sit on the floor with her head tilted back, and I could dump each liter of *** into the funnel.  I'm thinking that her stomach probably couldn't hold more than one liter.  
Webster9 Webster9
41-45, M
Jun 16, 2010