My husband is still in China. He got scared and back out.  I had "baby blues". I wasn't myself. I have mood swings. We don't see eye to eye on things. He think is all that. He is bit selfish. All he care about  is himself....when he went back. His family talk some sense into him.  He want to patch things up. He put down me. He doesn't think I can make it in the world. HA... He is sadly mistaken....I can. I will.

I don't need him to tell me what I can't or can do. 

This time I'm playing hard to get. In  my marriage I'm just playing. No emotion involve.

He is playing too. Okay. If he wants to playing. Let the games being.

First time: I was naive and stupid.

Now I'm going to smart about it.

He need his brother to support him. HA..I'm going to have the last laugh...

You are not the boss of me. 

We have a kid together. We can raise her together.

Although we are married but He doesn't see me as equal.

Men. You can't stand them but you can't live without them. 


I will show him.

If he wants to survive in Canada. He needs to work. No work but playing all the time.  It can drive you crazy.

I need to work to balance out my  hormones. I can't still home all day. This isn't healthy.

In life we need  balance.

I'm better now. I'm happier now. Things are going great.

I'm very proud of myself.



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