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Perception And Perspective

I believe that perception is the key to everything in life. I often find myself taking a walk in the shoes of others.
The way a person sees the world can tell you a great deal about them, it's really the best way to get to know someone. Try to put yourself in their position and you'll start to get a better idea of who they are.

I don't like to be invasive, I understand that people have a lot of things that they would prefer to keep to themselves; so I can never really know what it's like but still; I wish that more people would try to place themselves in other peoples shoes, try to understand where someone is really coming from. All too often I find that people are willing to assume they understand, to assume that they know what someone is thinking or feeling, they assume that since they've been through a similar experience that it's exactly the same for everyone else and they look down upon that person because they are in different places mentally.

If I could find a way to help everyone understand that they know very much less than they actually do about others, and about the world that they live in; maybe I could change the world. I don't mean to imply that people are ignorant (even though we truly are) but the assumptions that most seem to have, the desire to have one-up on those they converse with by already 'knowing' what someone is going through; especially when they whip out the phrase, 'I'm past that'. As if they're above feeling a particular emotion, sensation or desire.
I love and I hate this world because of this and a great many other things. I really believe that if people could take a walk in another person's shoes it could change the way they look at the world forever. Probably for the better. Imagine a racist taking a week to walk in the life of those they seem to hate so much; or the parent who has forgotten what it's like to be a child in an uncomfortable/abusive enviroment.

Judgement is something I believe is very distasteful as well. People have the right to live their lives however they want, however they feel is best for them; I don't see a problem with someone choosing to live in the gutter so long as that makes them happy, or spending every day playing guitar down by the beach. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else then there shouldn't be a problem.

I'm tired of people who try to convince the world that a persons value is defined by their career or how succesful they are financially. They seem to me to be the most unhappy people of all; what a burden it would be to believe that a someone's worth is defined by such parameters. How could anyone feel good about just being themselves under such circumstances? Or to live a life of perpetual guilt and obligation for the sins of our proclaimed 'original' ancestors?
Maybe i'm breaking my own beliefs by thinking this, but whenever I place myself in the shoes of these people and try to imagine their lives I feel unbelievably horrible. I feel tremendous stress from the burden of obligation; the feeling of inadequacy in just being myself (even though i'm someone else).

I love to know how people feel about their lives, and I hate to know that they don't feel happy just being themselves. The world got along just fine when people were themselves, when we didn't have all this technology driving us to our witts end in the pursuit of money and material posessions.

I just want to know what it's like to be you; to walk in your shoes and see life the way only you can see it. To me there are few things greater in life than knowing someone very deeply.

Could you lend me your shoes?
Remand Remand 31-35, M Apr 30, 2012

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