Hotwife Needs Her Privacy

It's complicated...LOL.
Unfortunately, i have a tiny penis and eventually my Wife became disatisfied with our sex life, and furthermore She became enraged when She figured out that besides my tiny size my constant wanking made the situation even worse. It was, as She said, a kind of cheating on Her so She decided to cheat on me as well. She put me in my own little bedroom with a single bed and started dating both girls and guys and having a very active sex life. She has never been happier, and shopped for a sexy new wardrobe which she parades in front of me continually to tease me and She does not allow me to see Her undressed. She says She needs Her privacy and claims to be doing it for my own good. She always emerges from the master suite dressed to the nines in short skirts and push-up bras and says that She has to look good so She can meet cute guys and girls, and that i would only get ideas in my head if she allowed me to see her naked or getting dressed.
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If i get a paddling, She does it when changing my diaper and my bottom is bare. She keeps the paddle next to the changing table.

She tapes my diapers on really tightly, so i can't get even a finger inside without stretching or tearing the plastic backing, and whenever She finds *** in my diaper i get punished. So, is hard sometimes (ooops, LOL...i guess that's a pun)